How To Get Snapchat Plus Badge

How To Get Snapchat Plus Badge?

Get Snapchat Plus Badge: In today’s social world, wherever you look, someone or the other will see you using a social media app. In today’s digital era, everyone will be seen using WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. And if it remains like this then no one is going to escape from the social app. How easily all the countries of the world meet and interact with each other through digital platforms. Everyone remains connected to each other through this digital platform.

How To Get Snapchat Plus Badge
How To Get Snapchat Plus Badge

Similarly, following in the footsteps of WhatsApp Business and Telegram, Snapchat has also launched a premium membership subscription service to increase its revenue – Snapchat+ (Snapchat Plus), under which the app gives its users access to “a variety of exclusive, expensive, experimental and pre-release features”.

Just to get this feature of Snapchat plus you just have to recharge $3.99 USD every month and exclusive, experimental and pre-release features will be added to the app as soon as you are subscribed to Snapchat+ App.

These features of Snapchat+ premium membership plan improve and personalize your Snapchat experience into a deep level of app experience that allow you to go deeper into the app’s most used exclusive and pre-release features. Apart from this you may have check  additional new amazing features before everyone else!

In this article, we will discuss about Snapchat Plus Badge Feature and how to get this.

How To Get Snapchat Plus Badge?

Steps to Get Snapchat plus Badge:-

Step 1: Open Snapchat App and go to your profile.

Snapchat Plus Badge

Step 2: Now, Tap on the “Snapchat+ membership” card at the top

Step 3: Turn on “Snapchat+ Badge” to display Black Star Badge .

After turning on the “Snapchat+ Badge”, it can be seen next to your display name and you found here the badge is disabled by default, so you need to enable.

Step 4: “Snapchat+ Badge” will be displayed on your display name.

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